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Full text of "Report of the Hood Relief Committee at New Orleans, La"

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Pamphlet Collection 
Duka University Library 









AIGIST, 1885. 



I A. W. Hyatt, Stationer and Printer, 73 Camp Street.— 32460 

•> — m 

Pamphlet Collection 
Duke University Library 



Axxa Bell and Ethel Genevieve, twins, 
9 years old. Under care of Mr. and Mrs. John 
A. Morris, New Orleans. 

John Bell, Jr., 8 years old. Under care of 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Russell, Cohoma, Miss. 

Duncan Nobbkrt, 6 J years old. Under care 
of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Morris, New Orleans. 

Lillian Marie and Marion Maude, twins, 
5J years old. Under care of Mr. and Mrs. That- 
cher M. Adams, New York City. 

Odille Musson and Ida Rich ardson, twins, 
3 years old. Under care of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 
F. McGehee, Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Miss. 

Oswald, 1 year old. Under care of Charles 
M. Harney Scarsdale, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

The youngest child left, a baby girl, died 
among loving friends in Columbus, Georgia, in 


Hood Relief Committee 

Appointed by the 1 Louisiana ' Divisions of Array of 
Northern Virginia and Array of Tennessee. 

Gen. F. T. Nicholls, Ex-Governor Louisiana. 
Capt. James Buckner, Cottoc Factor. 
Col. Samuel Flower, Asst.Treas.U.S. at N.O. 
David R. Calder, Sugar Factor. 
John H. Murray, Cashier D. H. Holmes. 
Capt. W. R. Lyman, Pres. Crescent Ins. Co. 
Capt. J. A. Chalaron, Pres. Hope Ins. Co. 
Gen. G. T. Beauregard. 
Major S. D. Stockman, Cotton Factor. 
Gen. Fred. N. Oc4den, Merchant. 
Major Walter V. Crouch, Secretary Carroll- 
ton Railroad Company. 

Ladies' Auxiliary Committee. 

Mrs. T. G. Richardson. 
Mrs. Thomas Hunton. 
Mrs. Theodore Shute. 
Mrs. S. H. Kennedy. 
Mrs. R. S. Charles. 
Mrs. C. E. Fenner. 
Mrs. Richard Pritchard. 
Mrs. R. M. Walmsley. 
Mrs. J. K. Gutheim. 
Mrs. Lucie Polk Chapman. 
Mrs. T. S. Wilkinson. 
Mrs. J. N. Folwell. 
Mrs. J. B. Wallace. 
Mrs. J. M. Parker. 
Address of Committee, Box 851, New Orleans. 

Immediately following the death of Gen- 
eral John B. Hood and his wife, the Louisiana 
Divisions of the Armies of Northern Virginia 
and Tennessee met and appointed committees 
to gather together a fund for the benefit of the 

These committees organized at once, and 
under date of September 6th, 1879— one week 
after the funeral — issued the following address : 


Desolation and possible destitution have fallen upon 
the once happy household of General John B. Hood. 

Mrs. Ann* Mahie Hood, the devoted wife and 
mother, died on the evening of August 24th, 1879. Genl. 
Hood, the bereaved husband and father, followed on 
the morning of August 30 th, leaving behind them in 
full orphanage, eleven children of tender years. Lydia, 
the eldest of these, died on the evening of the same day. 

There now survive ten children, the eldest of whom 
are twins, of the age of nine years and two months. 
The youngest is one month old. The condition of his 
estate leaves but little hope that there will remain 
after settlement of his indebtedness, anything for his 
children other than such proceeds as may possibly be 
derived from the publication of its history of the war 
and records. 

The generous heart of the country has already been 
moved to the grateful recognition of the virtues, the 
chivalry and self-sacrificing devotion of the departed 
hero, and to an active and giving sympathy for the 

The undersigned Committees, appointed by the Asso- 
ciations of the Armies Northern Virginia and Ten- 
nessee, to receive these funds (which are to be invested 
in U. S. bonds), earnestly solicit your co-operation and 
assistance in raising a sum which shall be sufficient 
for the support, maintenance and education of these 

W. R. LYMAN, Chairman. 





Of Army N. Virginia. Of Army of Tennessee. 

Address Box 1695, New Orleans, La. 

The tirst response was from the orphans' 
friend, " Margaret," who sent the Committee 
a bond of the United States for five hundred 
dollars. This was quickly followed by dona- 
tions from Mr. Blanc and others, and the fund 
gradually increased until November 13th, 1881, 
when Genl. Herbert, of Baltimore, sent in the 
last contribution. 

At a meeting of the General Committee held 
August 3d, 1885, nearly six years having elapsed 
since its organization, it was resolved to put 
into permanent shape for the benefit of the 
children and contributors of the fund, a list of 
all sums received and in the order of receipt, 
together with a statement of the present status 
of the fund. 

The Committee intends to capitalize the in- 
terest as fast as received until such time as its 
members can legally be relieved of the trust. 
The children have all been in excellent hands, 
and unless some unforeseen accident should oc- 
cur will receive a thorough education without 
any draft upon this fund. 







Sept. 8. From Margaret Haughery & 

Co., New Orleans, bond $ 500 00 

Sept. 8. From Sam. P. Blanc, N. O... 25 00 

Sept. 9. From Hinson & dimming, 
New York, through Wm. Himes, 
New Orleans 50 00 

Sept. 9. From Elmore Dufour, N. O... 10 00 

Sept. 9. From B. F. Peters, N. 5 00 

Sept. 10. From J. L. Power, Grand Sec- 
retary Grand Lodge of Mississippi, 
Jackson, Miss 100 00 

Sept. 10. From Smith Bros. & Co. N. 

O., through D. R. Calder 50 00 

Sept. 10. From Anonymous, New Or- 
leans, through D. R. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 10. From Joh n T. Gibbons & Co. , 

New Orleans, through D. R. Calder, 5 00 

Sept. 10. From Levy, Loeb, Sheuer & 

Co., N. O., through D. R, Calder 5 00 

Sept. 11. From Mrs. Hugo Redwitz, 

New Orleans 60 00 

Sept. 12. From Rev. B. M. Palmer, 

New Orleans 10 00 

Sept. 12. From Mattie Austin, New 

Orleans, through F. N. Ogden 3 00 

Sept. 13. From Samuel H. Kennedy, 

New Orleans 50 00 

Sept. 13. From Chas. E. Fenner,New 

Orleans, through S. H. Kennedy... 50 00 

Through Inman, Swann & Co., New 
York, and S. H. Kennedy, New 
Orleans, as follows : 

Sept, 13. From Charles M. Fry, N. Y. 50 00 

Sept. 13. From Inman, Swann & Co., 

New York 50 00 


Sept, 13. From Lehman Bros., N. Y... 50 00 
Sept. 13. From Fielding, Gwy nn & Co., 

New York 50 00 

Sept. 13. From Ralli Bros, New York.. 50 00 
Sept, 13. From French & T ravers, New 

York 50 00 

Sept. 13. From E. S. Jamison & Co., 

New York 50 00 

Sept. 13. From Fatman & Co., N. Y... 50 00 

Sept. 13. From H. H. Ware, N. Y 50 00 

Sept. 13. From Williams, Black & Co., 

New York 50 00 

Sept. 13. From Robert Moore & Co., 

New York 50 00 

Sept. 13. From Myer, Weis & Co., N. Y 50 00 

Sept. 13. From H. Hentz & Co., N. Y. 50 00 

Sept. 13. From C. J. Osborne, N. Y.... 50 00 

Sept- 13. From Rountree & Co., N. Y. 30 00 

Sept. 13. From Murchison & Co., N. Y. 2.5 00 
Sept, 13. From Fletcher, Hotze & Co., 

New York 25 00 

Sept, 13. From R. Tannehill & Co., 

New York 25 00 

Sept. 13. From D. Watts & Co., N. Y. 25 00 

Sept. 13. From D. A. Given, N. Y 2-5 00 

Sept, 13. From J. B. Leach, N. Y 25 00 

Sept. 13. From J. & W. A. Beall, N. Y. 25 00 

Sept. 13. From D. G. Watts, N. Y 25 00 

Sept. 13. From W. S. Pierce, N. Y 2^5 00 

Sept. 13. From E. J. Donnell, N. Y 25 00 

Sept. 13. From P. Z. Rodocanachi & 

Co., New York 25 00 

Sept. 13. From J. M. Scott, N, Y 25 00 

Sept. 13. From Ex. Norton & Co., N. Y. 2-5 00 

Sept. 13. From Macauley & Co., N. Y. 25 00 

Sept. 13. From J. T. Woodward, N.Y. 25 00 
Sept. 13. From R. M. Waters <fe Co., 

New York 25 00 

Sept. 13. From J. H. Moore & Co., N.Y. 25 00 
Sept. 13. From .Sawyer, Wallace & Co. , 

New York 25 00 

Sept. 13. From Blakemore, Mayo & Co. 

New York 25 00 

Sept. 13. From Pollard, Pettus & Co., 

New York 25 00 

Sept. 13. From Charles Messick, N. Y. 25 00 

Sept. 13. From W. V T . King, N. Y 25 00 

Sept, 13. FromW.T. Miller & Co., N.Y. 25 00 

Sept. 13. From Seigfr. Gruner, N. Y... 25 00 
Sept. 13. From Schroeder & Johnson, 

New York 25 00 

Sept. 13. From S. J. Murphy, N. Y 25 00 

Sept. 13. From Robinson, McLeod & 

Co., New York 20 00 

Sept. 13. From Daney, Hyman & Co., 

New York 20 00 

Sept. 13. From C. Parmalee, N. Y 10 00 

Sept. 13. From James Aiken, N. Y 10 00 

Sept. 13. From John F. Black, N. Y... 10 00 

1,450 00 

Sept. 13. From D. H. Holmes, New 

Orleans, through J. H. Murray, 50 00 

Sept. 13. From W. H. Letchford, New 

Orleans, through J. H. Murray 50 00 

Sept, 13. From Anonymous, New Or- 
leans, through Dr. ri. M. Bemiss 
and J. H. Murray 50 00 

Sept. 13. From James C. Hogan, Aber- 
deen, Miss 5 00 

Sept, 13. From Anonymous, New Or- 
leans, through Germania National 
Bank 1 00 

Sept, 13. From Anonymous, >«'ew Or- 
leans, through Germania National 
Bank 1 00 

Sept. 13. From Sears & Kinsella, New 

Orleans, through D. R. Calder 10 00 

Sept. 13. From Cash (H. & Bro.), New 

Orleans, through D. R. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 13. From Charles Pleasants, New 

Orleans, through D. R. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 13. From Cash (H. T. L.),New 

Orleans, through D. It. Calder 2 00 

Sept, 13. From P. M. Kelly, New Or- 
leans, through D. R. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 13. From Cash, New Orleans, 

through D. R. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 13. From John T. Moore, Jr., 

New Orleans, through D. It. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 13. From Vairin & Mortimer, 

New Orleans, through D. It. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 13. From Cash (T. H. H.), New 

Orleans, through Saml. Flower 5 00 

Sept. 13. From It. R. Hunt, New Or- 
leans, through Mayor I. W. Patton 
and Saml. Flower LOO 00 

Sept, 13. From Godfrey T. Johusen, 

New Orleans, through Saml. Flower 20 00 

Sept. 13. From M. Musson, New Or- 
leans, through N. O. Ins. Ass'n 20 00 

Sept. 13. From Cash, New Orleans, 

through Am. Dist. Telegraph Co... 50 

Sept. 13. From Thomas Conway, New 

Orleans, through Crescent Ins. Co... 10 00 

Sept. 13. From D. A. Given, Jr., New 50 00 
Orleans, thro' N. O. Cot. Exchange 

Sept. 13. From James Buckner, N. O. 50 00 

Sept. 15. Guests at the Jordon & Rock- 
bridge Alum Springs, Rockbridge 
County, Va., through Charles A. 
Conrad and Jas. Buckner 131 00 

Sept. 15. From William Hartwell, 

N. O. through Jas. Buckner 25 00 

Sept. 15. From M. Sch wartz, President 
New Orleans and Spanish Fort 
Rail Road Company, N. O. Pro- 
ceeds of the Spanish Fort Road on 
10th September 158 25 

Sept. 15. From Guests at the Green- 
brier White Sulphur Springs, Va., 
through Mrs. R. L. Gibson and 
Walter V. Crouch 100 00 


Sept. 15. From the proprietor of and 
Guests at the Old Sweet Springs, 
Va., through Mrs. R. L. Gibson and 
Walter V. Crouch 108 00 

Sept. 16. From Officers New Orleans 
Insurance Company, through J. 
A. Chalaron '. 50 00 

Sept. 17. From a collection taken up in 
the Cathedral, N. O., through Col. 
John Glvnn, Jr., of the Louisiana 
Field Artillery 154 50 

Sept. 18. From B. F. Askew, Mag- 
nolia, Ark., through J. L. Harris 
&Co 10 00 

Sept. 20. From Anonymous, N. O., 

through S. H. Kennedy 50 00 

Sept. 20. From James I, "Day, N. O., 

through N. O. Cotton Exchange.... 25 00 

Sept. 20. From I. L. Lyons, N. 2-5 00 

Sept. 20. From Dr. W. E. Brickell, 

N. O., through F. N. Ogden 5 00 

Sept. 20. From Cash, N. O. (G. McC), 

through D. R. Calder 5 00 

Sept. 20. From Cash, N. O. (B. Bros.), 

through D. R. Calder 2 00 

Sept. 22. From Dr. Charles M. Erwin, 
Winona, Miss., through J. L. 
Power, Grand Secretarj^ 10 00 

Sept. 22. From "The Memorial and 
Historical Association " of Con- 
federate Soldiers of Montgomery 
County, Ala., through Mayor I. W. 
Patton 100 00 

Sept. 22. From Contributions raised by 
efforts of two little girls (Minnie 
Hervey and Beulah Wright) Mont- 
gomery, Ala., through Mayor M. L. 
Moses, Montgomery, and Mayor I. 
W. Patton New Orleans 35 30 

Sept. 23. From Hon. B. F. Jonas, 

N. O. through Samuel Flower 25 00 


Sept. 25. From Friends at Henderson, 

Ky., through S. K. Sneed, cashier.. 22 70 

Sept. 25. From Perry Nugent, X. O., 

through J. A. Chalaron 50 00 

Sept. 25. From Pliny Tarlton, Saint 

Mary Parish, La 1 00 

Sept, 25. From Leo Tarlton. Saint 

Mary Parish, La 1 00 

Sept. 25.' From G-. W. Cooper, Darien, 

Ga 1 00 

Sept. 25. From "Ancient Order of Ori- 
ental Haymakers" of Montgomery, 
Ala., through Mayor I. W. Patton.. 100 00 

Sept. 25. From James I. Stewart, !N . O. , 

through Samuel Flower 10 00 

Sept. 25. From William Francis 

Walsh, N. O 10 00 

Sept. 26. From Friends at Rocky 
Mount, Franklin County, Va., 
through G. E. Dennis 11 75 

Sept. 26. From Proceeds of Tableaux 
given by the children at Warm 
Springs," Va., under the superinten- 
dence of Mrs. Wilder, of Savannah, 
Ga., through Mrs. R. L. Gibson 28 25 

Sept. 27. From A. T., Stark ville, Miss., 

through Samuel Flower 1 00 

Sept. 29. From collections made at 
Wytheville, Va., by Mrs. George H. 
Braughn and Mrs. W. W. Breed- 
love, including $50 from James Mc- 
Connell, N. O., and $25 from Judge 
W. B. Spencer, N. O., through 
Arthur G. Palfrey 110 00 

Sept. 30. From employees of the Gen- 
eral Office of the Western Railroad 
of Alabama, at Montgomery, who 
fought with and against General 
Hood, through Samuel Flower 51 00 

Sept. 30. From Capt. R. T. Buckner, 

New Orleans 10 00 


Oct. 1. From Thomas Limn, N. 0. 

through F. ft. Ogden 5 00 

Oct. 1. From Masters Wilham Brickell 
and R. Del Nodal, X. O. Proceeds 
raffle of a kite, through F.N. Ogden 10 00 

Oct 3. From Citizens of Morehouse 
Parish, La., collected by Wm. M. 
Washburn, through " Morenouse 
Clarion" and F. T. Nicholls 61 00 

Octl. From Collection taken up in 
Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, 
Henderson, Ky., through S. K., 
Sneed, cashier 14 60 

Oct. 3. From W. H. Bemiss, Bards- 
town, Ky., through Mayor I. W. 
Patton 15 00 

Oct. 6. From Citizens of Parish of West 
Baton Rouge, through J. V. Diu- 
alde and F. T. Nicholls, as follows: 

W. B. Robertson 5 00 

J. V. Duralde 5 00 

H. J. Hyams .^ 2 50 

Gustave Dubucha 2 50 

W. L. Bernard 2 00 

A. V. Dubroca 2 00 

Dr. T. P. Vaughan 2 50 

E. L. Charropnin 2 00 

Geo. W. Hamilton 1 00 

Jos. S. Collins 1 00 

James R. Devall 1 00 

Alcide Dauthin 1 00 

O. Mary 50 

Victorin Comeaux 50 

A. J. London 50 

W. B. Chamberlin, Jr 50 

$ 29 50 

Oct. 8. From J. U. Payne, N. 25 00 

Oct. 9. From Voluntary contributions 
by citizens of Petersburg, Va., 
through Samuel Stevens, cashier... 21 93 


Oct. 9. From Contributions of Market 
St., Sabbath School, M. E. Church 
South, Petersburg, Va., through 
Samuel Stevens, Cashier 10 00 

Oct. 9. From Citizens of Savannah, 
Ga., through J. H. Estill of "Sa- 
vannah Morning News " and 
Mayor I. W. Patton 132 00 

Oct. 9. From Citizens of Charleston, 
S. ('., through • " Charleston News 
and Courier " 119 69 

Oct. 9. From Washington Light In- 
fantry, Charleston, S. C, 100 00 

Oct. 9. From Mayor Arnoldus Van du 

Houst, Charleston, S. C 50 00 

Oct. 9. From E. H. Trast, Charleston, 

S. C 10 00 

(These four sums from Charleston, 
received through Rudolph Siegling 
and J. B. Lafitte & Co.) 

Oct 9. From Anderson & Simpson, N. 

O., through James Buckner. 25 00 

Oct. 9. From Robert Heath, " The 
Grange, " Northwick, England, 
through Anderson & Simpson and 
Jas Buckner 20 00 

Oct. 9. From Prince Louis Sapieha, 
(Poland) through L. Grand, N. O., 
and W. V. Crouch 100 0% 

Oct. 10. From Miss Fanny L. Arm- 
strong, N. 1 00 

Oct. 11. From " A friend of General 

Hood, " Lynchburg, Va., 50 00 

Oct. 11. From Anonymous, Lynchburg, 

Va 5 00 

Oct. 11. From Daniel Coleman, Hunts- 

ville, Ala., through Samuel Flower 2 00 


Oct. 11. From "Orleans Dramatic Asso- 
ciation," N. O., proceeds of an enter- 
tainment at Grand Opera House, 
September 24th, 1879, through J. J. 
Mellon, President;, and W. H. 
Beanham,E. H. Corkery and J. M. 
N. Allen, Committee 714 70 

Oct. 11. From S. C. Deas, N. Y., through 

M. Morgan's Sons and Canal Bank 25 00 

Oct. 11. From M. Morgan's Sons, N. Y., 

through Canal Bank 25 00 

Oct. 11. From Cash, through American 

District Telegraph Company 50 

Oct. 11. From John Henderson, New 
Orleans, through Hibernia Insur- 
ance Company 10 00 

Oct. 11. From T. F. Bragg, N. O., 

through Hibernia Insurance Co 10 00 

Oct. 11. From John Irwin, N. O., 

through Hibernia Insurance Co 5 00 

Oct, 11. From John Leahy, N. O., 

through Hibernia Insurance Co.... 5 00 

Oct. 11. From Peter Markey, N. O., 

through Hibernia Insurance Co 5 00 

Oct, 11. From W. J. Castell, N. O., 

through Hibernia Insurance Co 5 00 

Oct. 11. From Little Mary E. McG., 
Pecan Point, Ark., " all the money 
she has." 2 00 

Oct. 20. From Citizens of Selma, Ala,, 
being an average of 75 cents for 
every white voter, through D. M. 
Callaway, Selma, and F. N. Ogdeu. 442 45 

Oct. 22. From John A. Small, Sardis, 

Miss , 1 00 

Oct, 25. Cash (St, Mary Par.), through 

D. R. Calder 2 50 

Oct. 25. Cash (New Orleans), through 

D. R. Calder, 100 


Oct. 27. From citizens of Corpus Chris- 
ti, Texas, through Gen. Beauregard, 
as follows : 

D. M. Murphy, Turner's Battery... 10 00 

James E. AYev mouth, 7th La 2 50 

Mark F. Downey, 7th La 2 00 

Wm. Biggio 2 00 

Simon Frank 2 50 

Jos. L.Frank 2 50 

D. M. E. Levy 2 00 

Alex. Alpuente 2 00 

D. Dowd 2 00 

J. T. Murphy 5 00 

From Joseph Hymans 1 00 

From T. P. Rivers 1 50 

35 00 
Oct, 28. From Children of H. V. L. 

Bird, Petersburg, Va., through D. 

W.Randolph 3 00 

Oct. 28. From Sojourners at Sharon 

Springs, through General Simmes 

and Samuel Flower, as follows : 

B. B. Simmes, New Orleans 5 00 

Mrs. B. B. Simmes, New Orleans... 5 00 

Mrs. Geo, Gerdes, New Orleans 5 00 

E. D. Willett, New Orleans 5 00 

Mrs. Hoffman, New Orleans 4 00 

M. Hoffman, New Orleans 1 00 

H. Berens, M. D 5 00 

Maude Phillips 2 00 

J. Torras 5 00 

R. F. Klein 2 50 

MissKelley 1 00 

40 50 
Oct. 29. From R. P., Baltimore, Md, 

through Mayor Patton 1 00 

Oct. 30. From "Alpha," Shreveport, 

La 1 00 


Nov. 3. From additional subscriptions 
from citizens of Petersburg, Va., 
through Samuel Stevens, cashier..., 2 50 

Nov. 4. From Wm. English, Donald- 
son, Schuvlkill Countv, Pa 1 00 

Nov. 4. From A. C. Wilev, DeWitt, 

Ark. Co., Ark., through LW.Patton 1 00 

Nov. 5. From "proceeds of an abund- 
ant and beautiful growth of hair 
clipped from her own head by a lady 
of Lowndes Co., Ala., an educated 
lady belonging to that large class 
of Southerners, whose fortunes were 
wrecked by the war. She is poor 
in this world's goods, but rich in 
the finer and gentler impulses, so 
characteristic of Southern woman- 
hood. She shrinks from notoriety, 
and is only solicitous to do her duty 
in rendering such help as she can 
to the Orphans," through George 
W. Stone, Montgomery, Ala., from 
whose letter this extract is given.... 80 00 

Nov. 6. From Frederick de Barry & 
Co., New York, through Schmidt 
& Zeigler, New Orleans 50 00 

Nov. 8. From John R. Moore, New 
Orleans, through Samuel Flower, a 
little boy whose parents told him 
he could have one dollar a week to 
contribute to the Hood Orphans for 
such time as he could do without 
eating candy — 4£ weeks. 4 50 

Nov. 8. From proceeds of an enter- 
tainment given by the Confederate 
Veterans Association at the State 
House Grounds, Baton Rouge, Oct. 
6th and 7th, through W, G. Ran- 
dolph and JohnH. Murray 56 85 

Nov. 10. From J. D. Howell, Bastrop, 

La., through ,l Morehouse Clarion" 1 00 


Nov. 10, From Citizens of Laredo, Tex- 
as, through Zuberbier & Behan, as 
follows : 

C. M. Macdonell 25 00 

Raymond Martin 15 00 

Chas, T. Shea 10 00 

Frank C. Anrstrong 10 00 

H. A. Hirsch 2 00 

H. Poggenpohl 2 00 

W.C.Jeffries 1 00 

Cash 2 00 

Mr. &Mrs. C. G. Brewster 5 00 

McGnerie 1 00 

C. W. Krakauer 5 00 

E. F. Hall 5 00 

P. Floyd 2 00 

G. H. Jurkoski 1 50 

B. G. Atlee & Co 3 00 

D.Sanchez... 5 00 

PrudencioHerrero 1 00 

Thomas Gilgan 3 00 

Agostin Benavides 2 00 

Thomas Ryan 2 00 

G. B. Brovanati 1 00 

Cash 2 00 

J. M. Rodriguez 2 00 

J.C.Jeffries 1 00 

L. L>. Brewster 2 00 

A. P. Caraher, U.S. A.... 5 00 

Albert Urbaha. 5 00 

Capt. W. II. Jones 5 00 

A. A. Rodriguez 5 00 

Less exchange 130 00 

Nov. 11. Geo. W. Childs, of the Phil- 
adelphia ,4 Ledger,"and A. S. Abell 
of the Baltimore " Sun," being 500 
dollars from each, through Capt. F. 

M. Colston, Baltimore 1000 00 

Nov. 12. From T. Lee Shute, N. O., 

through F. N. Ogden 5 00 


Nov L 12. From Anonymous, through 
Jesse H. Lindsey* Pres't, Greens- 
boro, N. C ' 5 00 

Nov. 15. From live little girls, who 
held a fair to raise funds for Gen. 
Hood's children, through Mayor J. 
Thompson Band, of Portsmouth 
City, Va., and Mayor I. W. Patton, 
N. 5 70 

Nov. 17. From Citizens of Norfolk, Va. 

through Col. W. H. Taylor 87 00 

Nov. 22. From proceeds of an enter- 
tainment given by the Louisiana 
Division, Army of Tenn. in Grand 
Opera House, N. O , October 10th, 
through P. Herron, Chair. Com. 300 00 

Nov, 25. From proceeds of a Concert 
given at u Charlotte Institute for 
Young Ladies," at Charlotte, N. C, 
through Rev. W. R. Atkinson 11 25 

Nov. 27. From Mary Bell Rhea, Grif- 
fin, Ga., through'j. G. Rhea 3 00 

Nov. 28. From subscriptions by mem- 
bers of the Louisiana Div., Army 
of Northern Virginia, N. 22 50 

Nov. 28. From subscriptions by mem- 
bers of the Louisiana Div. , Army 
of Tennessee, N. O '.. 16 00 

Nov. 29. From citizens of Columbus, 
Miss., through Williams, Johnson 
& Co., and Mayor I. W. Patton, as 
follows : 

Col. W. C. Richards 5 00 

Col. L. O.Banks 5 00 

Gen. 8. D. Lee 5 00 

C. H. Cock 1 00 

Cash 50 

16 50 


Nov. 29. From Portland, Or., through 
Gen'l O. D. Greene and Samuel 

Flower 55 25 

General Greene writes : " It is the result of 
a little benefit we got up in Portland, Oregon, 
for Hood's children, at ihe time Gen. Grant 
was here. Col. Morrow (whom many Louisi- 
anians know and more will remember) and I 
started the matter and was at once fully and 
heartily assisted by Col. W. H. Efringer, for- 
merly from Staunton, Va., and C. S. A., and 
by Mr. John Maguire, managerof the Portland 
Theatre, who kindly gave one-half of the gross 
proceeds of one night's performance at his the- 
atre — we to provide attendance of the band of 
Col. Morrow's Regiment, which was done. The 
amount is very small, but is better than nothing, 
and shows at ieast that everybody's heart is in 
the right place. The sum would have been very 
much greater except lor the misfortune that we 
could only have the benefit on the night of Gen. 
Grant's reception, to which nearly every man, 
woman and child in this county went. Long 
before his arrival here he had been engaged 
(engagements which he could not properly do 
away with) for the other two nights he was in 
Oregon, but like theold Roman and Hero he is, 
he deserted his own reception at a very early 
hour and went to the Theatre, where "he sat 
conscientiously through a long and rather 
dreary performance of " Ours" in the hope of 
helping dear old Hood's little oues." 
Dec. 2. From John D. Rogers, Treas- 
urer, Galveston, Texas, as follows: 
Proceeds entertainment given by 
Jack Harris, of San Antonio, Texas. $ 115 00 

R. H. Wade, Mexia 5 00 

Members Hood Brigade at Marlin... 75 00 

S. J. Adams, Dallas 10 00 

Joseph Farley, Galveston 10 00 

L. S. Taylor/. 10 00 


Ben. Baker, Columbus 5 00 

A Federal Soldier, Columbus 5 00 

R. A. Park, Galveston 5 00 

Private J. W. Dell, 4th Texas 2 50 

Proceeds lecture J. B. Hard wick, 

Bryan 36 00 

Donation by citizens of Bryan 14 00 

Proceeds of a fair and ball given by 

citizens of Corpus Christi 251 30 

A. C. Baker, Galveston 10 00 

Collection by " Hood Memorial As- 
sociation" of Galveston 919 00 

Proceeds sale 1 bbl. pecans donated 

byS. L. McCulloch, Kingsbury 19 32 

44 Lone Star Rifles," Galveston 31 00 

Dr. E. Jones, Tyler 5 00 

$1,528 12 
Dec. 2. Proceeds of a fair held by two 

little girls in Savannah, Ga 3 20 

Proceeds of a raffle by J. C. Myrick, 
Savannah, Ga 8 30 

Received through J. H. Estill, 

" ' Morning News " 11 50 

From proceeds raffle of a sewing 
machine by Miss M. L. Solomon, 
Savannah, through J. H. Estill, of 

the " Savannah Morning News" 32 00 

Through the efforts of Mrs. Ida A. 
Richardson, of New Orleans, an 
auxiliary association of ladies was 
formed in November, who made it 
their duty to canvass certain dis- 
tricts of the city, going in pairs. 
The results were handed in in De- 
cember as follows : 

Mmes. Folwell and Gutheim 90 00 

Mines. Wilkinson and Charles 36 95 

Mmes. Richardson and Pritchard... 203 75 
Mmes. Richardson aud Hunton 51 40 


Mine. T. Skute 159 00 

Mmes. Kennedy and Chapman 24 00 

Mmes. C. E. Fenner and Walmsley 255 00 
Of which last amount $100 was con- 
tributed by Mrs. Stauffer. 

Mmes. Wallace and Parker 101 00 

Total from Ladies' Auxiliary Asso- 
ciation, New Orleans 921 10 

Dec. 11. Loch Lomond Lodge, No. 242, 
Shoe Heel, N. C, P. P. Smith, Sec- 
retary, through Mayor I. W. Patton 19 50 

Dec. 12. From proceeds raffle pair of 
mats by Miss Mamie Selig, Savan- 
nah, Ga., through J. H. Estill, " Sa- 
vannah Morning News" 6 50 

Dec. 15. From proceeds raffle by two 
little girls, Eugenia-Dale and Pauline 
Decker, of Savannah, through J. H. 
Estill 2 60 

Dec. 17. From Citizens of Bayou Sara, 
La., through F. M. Mumford and F. 
N. Ogden 30 00 

Dec. 18. From citizens of Greenville, 
Miss., through Mrs. M. Georgie 
Smith and Mrs. Frank Williams, as 
follows : 

Mrs. M. Georgie Smith !.... 25 00 

H. & N. Wilczinski, Jas. E. Negus, 

E. Bourges, M. Kretschmar, W. A. 
Pollock, S. W. Ferguson, W. N. 
Hood, J. H. Evans, H. T. Kriger, 
W. E. Hunt, C. M. Williams, W. 
G. Yerger, C. W. Lewis & Co., B. 

F. Worthington, J. P. Fin lay, H. 

T. I vert, W. A. Perry, $5 each....... 85 00 

Greenville Times, C. S. White C. 

M. Johnson, $3 each 9 00 

F. Valliant, W. B. Watson, H. E. 
Witherbee, Weis & Goldstein, J. 
Equen,T. S. Anderson, J. C. Heard, 

G. M. Helm, $2 50 each 20 00 


George F. Archer, Theodore Pohl, 
O. J. Paxton, S. Goldsmith, Han- 
way & Kennedy, L. Moyse, W. A. 
Evennan, B. F. Hughes, L. Hexter, 
H. Struby, O. B. C, George Alex- 
ander, Sol. Brill, I. Isenberg, J. H. 
Moore, 0. M. Curell, G. W.Brown, 
Ph. McLean, Joshua Skinner, H. 8. 

Baker, Wortharn, $2 each.. 42 00 

Gensburger & Moskawitz 1 50 

G. W. Piatt, T. R. Baird, L. Katz, 
Capt. Baugh, W. S. Henderson, C. 
A. A. Winter, Morris & Brother, E. 
O. Dennett, H. W. Conner, J. A. 
Newman, S. Rosen field, R, A. Har- 
* ris, Henrv Robinson, J. Alexander, 
€. P. Huntington, J. D. Shute, H. 
R. Mcllwaye, G. Wilkowwki, 8. 
Archer, W. A. Trigg, D. B. O'Ban- 
iion, S. L. Rucks, J. F. Harris, L. 
W. Gay, N. Isenburg, I. KinselU, 
Vormus Bros., H. P. Jac and four 

Cash, $1 each 32 00 

J. M. Montgomery, D. C. Mont- 
gomery, J. Ehrlich, I. Hirst, Chas. 
White, M. Cahn, Sam. Brown, J. 
G. Archer, J. Heldensfelder, M. 
Levy, 50 cents each 5 00 

219 50 
Dec. 8. From C. W. Culbreth, of South 
Carolina, through R. B. Thomas, 
Tampa, Fla., and N. O. Nat. Bank. 3 25 
Dec. 19. From proceeds of a concert 
given by the Juvenile Singers of 
Marshall, Texas, through Miss 

Tweattie Stephenson 70 10 

£, From Citizens of Jefferson Parish, 
La., through O. Besancon and Gov. 
F. T. Nicholls, as follows : 
T. A. Harang 5 00 


Leon Deforneau 5 00 

F. L. Matthews & Co 5 00 

O. Besancon 5 00 

R. E. Rose 2 50 

Michael Flesch 1 00 

Wm. Landridge 1 00 

J. W. Laeey 1 50 

J. T. Preston 1 00 

Cash 1 00 

28 00 

Dee. 24. From Hoed Committee at 
Helena, Ark., R. W. iSicholJs, Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, through E. F. • 
Golsan (two remittances? 122 5Q 

Dec. 26. From citizens of Cartersburg, 
Va., through G. W. Bogert and 
Major W. V. Crouch 7 71 

Dec. 26. From citizens of Columbia, S. 
C, through Mrs. Julia R. Bachman, 
Treasurer C. M. Association 72 30 

Dec. 27. From C. C. Duke, Catahoula 

Parish, La., through Gov. ISicholls. 5 00 

Dec. 30. From Savannah Cotton Ex- 
change, E. F. Br^an, Superintend- 
ent, who writes : "A bale of cotton 
contributed by the citizens of Co- 
weta County, in this State, which 
passed through Atlanta and Au- 
gusta, was subsequently sent to this 
Exchange for disposal. It was put 
upon raffie and 144 chances were 

taken at $1 144 00 

The bale was won by Mr. John Nes- 
bit, who immediately put it up at 
auction for the benefit of the fund. 

It was sold for 60 25 

which was invested in exchange at 

£ discount 25 

204 50 


Jan. 1. Collections made under the aus- 
pices of the "Society of the Army 
and Navy of the Confederate States 
in Maryland," as follows : 

Proceeds of " Pinafore "at Easton..$ 86 54 

Col. Charles Marshall 50 00 

George W. Wood 25 00 

Samuel J. Hough 10 00 

R. W. Gwathmey 10 00 

H. H. Grave 10 00 

W. D. DuBarry 5 00 

I. P. Thorn 5 00 

Col. R. M. Powell 5 00 

Hon. Geo. Wm. Brown 5 00 

Hon. J. A. Pearce 5 00 

R. M. Blandon 5 00 

F. M. Colston 5 00 

Geo. W. Davison 5 00 

Col. J. Willcox Brown's Children.. 6 00 

Wm. B. Wilson's Children 3 00 

E. S. Beall's Children 2 00 

Capt. E. L. F. Hardcastle 5 00 

Miscellaneous and Anonymous 

Contributions 19 56 

$ 267 10 
Jan. 5. From Citizens of Georgetown , 
S. C, th rough R. E. Fraser, Mayor, 

and Mayor I. W. Patton '. 38 60 

Jan. 5. Through Rudolph Seigling, 
Esq., Charleston, S. C, as follows : 
From one who served in Field's 
Division— the sometime Com- 
mand of Gen. Hood 100 00 

FromW. R 3 00 

From " News and Courier," being 

subscriptions added to its list... 288 47 

$ 391 47 


Jan. 6, Through G. W. McCranie, 
Editor and Proprietor "Ouachita 
Telegraph," Monroe, La., as follows: 
From F. Endom and M. M. Grady, 

each $10 20 00 

From G. W. McCranie, R. Richard- 
son, J. W. Green, L. D. Mc- 
Lain, R. G. Cobb, Andy Camp- 
bell, G. C. Phillips, W.'W. Far- 
mer, Breard, John Muir, S. W. 
Saunders and H. G. Dobson, 

each $5 60 00 

From T. Y Aby, S. D. McEnery, 
A. J. Keller, A. B. Sholars, L. 
D. Allen, Jr., John G. Saun- 
ders, T. Purcell, M. L. Dedman, 
R. H. Endom, T. 3. V. Logan, 
R. W. Richardson. W. P. Ren- 
wick, H. Filhiol, H. O'Kelly, 

and H. Meyer, each §2.50 37 50 

From A. Demrnler and J. B. Gar- 

retson, each §2 4 00 

From John Fullam 1 50 

From Tom Campbell, F. Hatcher, 
P. Hanlon, W. J. Born, T. J. 
Larkin, 8. Marx, S. Kuhn, W. 
H. Ferrv, J. L. Kaliski, Leon 
Gerson,'D. B. Trousdale, E. T. 
Morris, Jonas Meyer, Sol Ringer, 
John Bennett, J. A. Moore, T. 
P. Richardson, A. B. Sinister, 
R. Fullam, Thos. Burnham, R. 
H. Logan, J. E. Hanna, D. C. 
Tidwell, T. C. Scarborough, C. 
Tidwell, W. S. Rhodes, J. T. 
Swan, William Marbury, F. H. 
Cann, A. Lazare, Dick Swan, 
A. Willis, Sol Meyer, John 
Teunee [Chinaman], Geo. C. 
Enssminger, B. Weil and T.N. 
Conner, each $1 37 00 


From W. J. C. Scriber and H. 

King, each 50 cents 1 00 

From cash, $1, cash, $1, cash, fl, 
cash, $2, cash, $], cash, 50 cts., 
cash,50cts 7 00 

$ 168 00 
Jan. 7. From Citizens of West Baton 
Rouge Parish, through Col. J. V. 
Duralde [second remittance], and 
Gov. F. T. Nicholls. as follows : 

John H. Miller 1 00 

Lewis Kirkland 2 00 

C. J. Barrow 5 00 

John Hill 5 00 

J. E. Tucker 2 50 

W. B. Chamberlin 50 

N. W. Pope 2 50 

$ 18 50 
Jan. 9. From Rev. J. M. Brinkley, 

Sherman, Texas 50 

Jan. 10. From Bradish Johnson, N. O. 50 00 
Jan. 14. Through A. J. Sykes. Aber- 
deen, Miss., and F. T. Copp, as fol- 
lows : 

From Mississippi Exposition Ass'n 25 00 
From Oil Mills at Columbus 10 00 

$ 35 00 
Jan. 14. From "Contribution box" on 
board the Steamboat " Natchez," 

Capt. Leathers, La 34 50 

Jan. 17. From Cash, N. O., through 

Cartwright Eustis, Esq 25 00 

Jan. 17. From Whitesburg, Ga., as fol- 
lows : 

John O'Rear 84 

W. C. Aycock 25 

B. H. Brown 25 

O. H. Benthley 15 

i 1~50 


Jan. 17. From Peter Seals, Savannah, 
Ga., through J. H. Estell, "Morn- 
ing News" 5 00 

Jan. 19. From Citizens of Lexington, 
Kentucky, through Thomas Mit- 
chell, Cashier 11 00 

Jan. 24. From Rev. Ellison Capers, 
Greenville, S. C, two thank offer- 
ings 1 50 

Jan. 27. From D. R. Fant& Co., Go- 
liad, Texas, through A. Baldwin & 
Co., N. 9 00 

Jan. 29. Through J. H. Estill, "Savan- 
nah Morning News," as follows: 

From a sympathizer 5 00 

From proceeds of a Fair held by 
three little girls, Mamia S. Cox, 
Nina L. Pope and Georgia W. 
Wilson 2 00 


Jan. 31. From Hon. W. W. Screws, 
Montgomery, Ala., and Gen. G. T. 

Beauregard 643 33 

The letter accompanying this remittance 
reads : " At the risk of being tedious, it is 
proper to make statement of the way in which 
this money was realized. About November 
1st, last, some citizens of Louisville, Ky., were 
impressed by the beautiful act of the children 
of Gen. Joseph Wheeler, in giving 4 bale of 
Cotton for the benefit of the orphan children of 
a fellow-soldier of their own gallant father, and 
sent to him one of " Deering's Horse Power," 
a splendid piece of farm machinery, to be dis- 
posed of as he might deem best, and proceeds 
to be given to the children of Gen. Hood. 
About the same time, some generous ladies of 
Smith's Station, Lee Co., Ala., sent to me a 
bale of Cotton to be disposed of for the same 
purpose. It was decided to issue three thou- 


sand tickets at 50 cents each, and have the 
articles disposed of by drawing. Immediately 
on this announcement, various other contribu- 
tions were made, as follows : 

One White Sewing Machine, by Capt. G. 
L. Werth. 

One Fine Family Bible, by Mr. Joel White. 

One lot Tobacco] by Major Black nail. 

One Silk Umbrella, by Mr. H. C. Davidson. 

One Fine Picture Frame, by Mr. C. E. 

One Picture, "Monument to Columbus at 
Genoa," by Mr. C. J. Payne. 

One Pine Apple Silk Handkerchief, by 
Mrs. C. J. Payne. 

One dozen Frames and Brushes, by Mr. S. 

Two braids of their own hair, by little 
daughters of Mr. A. S. Gerald, which were 
added to the list to be drawn. Owing to un- 
avoidable circumstances, the drawing did not 
take place until Friday, 16lh January. All 
tickets, sold and unsold, were put in the wheel, 
the latter being considered the property of the 
children. The number cf tickets sold and paid 
for, was 968, making $484. Out of this was paid 
$27 for all expenses. The Louisville and Ts ash- 
ville Railroad transported the Horse Power 
from Louisville here free of cost. The Western 
Railroad of Alabama, delivered the bale of 
Cotton without charge, and the necessary haul- 
ing in this city was done cheerfully without 
cost. The Hood children drew the bale of 
Cotton and the Horse Power. The former was 
resold for $55 13, and the latter for $100. This 
amount is included in the draft. Citizens of 
Haynesville, Ala., also sent to Mr. H. C. 
Davidson, through Messrs. Streety & Co., 
$31 20, as contribution to the fund. This 
amount is also included in the draft, the sum 
total being $643 33. The children also drew 


the Silk Handkerchief and the Bible and the 
picture of the Monument to Columbus, all of 
which are sent this day to you by Southern 
Express, the Company transporting same free. 
It has been suggested by Gen. Wheeler that 
you write the names and date of birth of the 
children in the Bible." 
Feb. 4. From G. A. Jackson, Lawton- 

ville, Ga., thro' Col. Sam'l Flower..? 6 00 
Feb. 9. From citizens of Tensas Parish, 
La., through T. P. Clinton and 

Gov. F. T. Nicholls 30 00 

Feb. 11. FromR. E. Wilson, Augusta, 

Ga 1 50 

Feb. 11. Proceeds of an entertainment 
given by the ladies of Johnsonville, 
Miss., assisted by those of Mound 
Bayou, through W. H. Baird, who 104 80 
writes: " The meritorious efforts of the ladies 
deserve the greatest praise, and their example 
should be followed by all true Southerners, who 
should feel that they are the guardians of the 
fatherless family left by their battle-scarred 
and unfortunate Veteran." 
Feb. 13. From S. A. Duke, Baxter, 
Drew County, Ark. , through Yale 

& Bowling, New Orleans 2 30 

Feb. 19. From W. A. Hemphill, Esq., 
business manager of the "Consti- 
tution" Publishing Company and 
chairman " Hood Relief Commit- 
tee" of Atlanta, Ga 2,800 00 

Less, directed to be paid over to the 
children's guardian for their imme- 
diate use 300 00 

2,500 00 
Feb. 19. From Mrs. Howard Hender- 
son, collected at Nice, France, (200 
francs) by her, through James S. 
Zacharie, New Orleans 40 00 


Feb. 10. From Chamberlayne & Beirne, 
Richmond, Va., proprietors of the 
Richmond "States, " being subscrip- 
tions by various persons, forwarded 
through Gen. R. L. Gibson and 
Major Crouch, as follows : 

W. E. Lefew 1 00 

R. F. Bierne" 5 00 

Third St, African M. E. Church.... 2 00 

H. L. Young, New York 5 00 

Rea Watkins 1 00 

John J. Pritchett, Pennsylvania 1 00 

Some little children who have just 

lost a father 2 00 

1st Maryland Cavalry, Proctor's 

Creek, Va 1 00 

Dr. J. E. L. Delk 1 00 

A Lady 50 

Christ Church, Pt. Pleasant, W.Va. 1 13 
Children, 5th and Main Sts., Rich- 
mond 2 50 

Collected by Miss Agnes Chamber- 
layne 5 75 

Col. Talcott's children 4 00 

Cash 9 00 

41 88 
Feb. 20. From Charles R. Jones, Pro- 
prietor of the "Charlotte Observer," 
Charlotte, N. C. proceeds of " Ob- 
^erver Fund" for benefit Gen. 
Hood's children, through Gen. G. 

T. Beauregard , 75 59 

Feb. 21. From New Orleans Cotton 
Exchange, " being contribution of 
sundry persons and members of the 
Exchange towards the purchase of 
the Blake bale of cotton, sent here 
from Texas, and after sale for this 
amount was re-donated to the Hood 
fund and forwarded to Mobile. Ala , 
for like sale in behalf of the or- 
phans," through D. A. Given, N. O. 630 ©0 


Feb. 23. From proceeds of a lecture 
at Y. M. C. A. rooms, Mobile, Ala., 
by Aldridge Youug, through Mr. 
Glennon 12 00 

Feb. 24. From Dr. Y. A. P, Garnett, 
President " Memorial Association," 
Washington, D. C, through Mrs. R. 
L. Gibson, Mavor I. W. Patton and 
Col. Flower... .. 67 50 

Feb. 26. From Gish & Garner, Hop- 

kinsville, Ky 3 85 

Feb. 26. From collections made by 
Mrs. Doswell and Mrs. H H. Wal- 
lace from children in Fredericks- 
burg, Va., through J. T. Doswell 
and Major Crouch 20 00 

Mch. 2. From proceeds of a lecture in 
New Orleans, by Aldridge Y'oung, 
through W. C. Raymond 5 75 

Mch. 5. From L. A. Lambert, Pastor 
Catholic Church, Waterloo, Seneca 
Co., N. Y., through John A. Morris 5 00 

Mch. 10. From Mrs. Wm. H. Johnson, 

New Orleans, through L. N. Gillis, 5 00 

Mch. 19. From citizens of Louisville, 
Ky., through H. W. Bruce, Pres. 
.Hood Relief Committee, Louisville 672 75 

Mch. 26. From Sam. T. Brown, Pay- 
master U. S. A. at Oakland, Md., 
through "N. Y. Tribune " 5 00 

Mav 22. From Peter Berger, Houma, 

La., through D. R. (aider 100 00 

May 24. From citizens of St. Louis, 
Mo., through T. E. Tutt, Treasurer 
Hood Relief Committee at St. Louis 325 Ui) 

May 24. From some loving children of 
Baltimore, through Miss K. S. 
French 20 00 

June 16. From H. W. Worley, Lex- 
ington, Ky., through Thos. Mitch- 
ell, Cashier 10 00 


Sept. 10. From J. McD. , Goldsborough , 
Md., through Capt. F. M. Colston, 
Baltimore 5 00 

Oct. 8. From proceeds of a bale of cot- 
ton donated by thechildren of Gen. 
Joseph Wheeler, of Alabama, and 
sent to Trabue, Davis & Co., Louis- 
ville, to be disposed of for the bene- 
fit >f Gen. Hood's children, through 
H. W. Bruce, President Hood Re- 
lief Committee of Louisville 267 72 

Nov. 15. From Additional, from the 
"Charleston News and Courier" 
fund, through R. Seigling. Charles- 
ton, S. C 24 00 

Nov. 23. From citizens of Macon, Ga., 
through Geo. S. Jones, Thomas 
Henderson and Ben. C. Smith, 
Committee, at Macon, and Duncan 
F. Kenuer, New Orleaus 666 87 


Aug. 1. From several gentlemen of 

the State of California $565 00 

Benefit given at Baldwin 
Theatre, San Francisco, un- 
der auspices of friends of 
Genl. Hood 323 00 

through George Flournoy. Harry 
I. Thornton and Lloyd Tevis, of 
San Francisco, and Saml. Flower, 
New Orleans 888 00 

Sept. 5. From J. B. Ki Hebrew, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., through Genl. G, T. 
Beauregard 33 15 

Nov. 1. From Leroy D. Jones, Nash- 
ville, Tenn., being portion of funds 
raised by raffle of a plow given by 
Mickle <fc Co., of Louisville, for 
benefit of the Hood children, thro' 
Genl. Beauregard '. 10 00 


Nov. 13. From collection from sale of 
some medals at Baltimore, Md., 
through Genl. J. R. Herbert, Balti- 
more 50 00 

Total $19,875 66 

Discount paid on drafts 9 16 

Net receipts $19,866 50 

This sum of $19,875 66 was distributed by 
States and countries, as follows : 

Louisiana $5,282 15 

Georgia 3,580 97 

Texas 1,772 72 

New York 1,605 00 

Alabama 1,466 08 

Kentucky 1,017 62 

California 888 00 

Maryland 848 10 

South Carolina 810 81 

Virginia 709 47 

Pennsylvania 501 00 

Mississippi 492 80 

Missouri 325 90 

Arkansas 137 80 

North Carolina Ill 34 

Poland 100 00 

Dist. Columbia 67 50 

Oregon 55 25 

Tennessee 43 15 

France 40 00 

Poland 20 00 

$19,875 66 
The Committee at Atlanta, Ga., sent a further 
sum of $300 for the immediate wants of the 
children, which was immediately paid over to 
their natural tutrix, and the "Committee at 
Houston, Texas, sent a further sum, exceeding 
we believe $1000, direct to the same, to be used 
in like manner. 


The Committee undertook a great labor in 
attempting to realize a sum from the sale of 
photographs of the family. It was a work re- 
quiring much correspondence and constant at- 
tention to details. Its success depended almost 
entirely upon the good faith and earnest dispo- 
sition of men and women scattered over an im- 
mense territory and with whom necessarily the 
members of the Committee, in numberless cases, 
could have no personal acquaintance. We took 
every means to ascertain standing, but the 
number of photographs which are unreturned 
for and are still unheard from, runs into the 
thousands. In very many cases lists of names 
were sent in and the pictures sent oui accord- 
ingly and no money ever returned therefor. 
Mr. Lilienthal, the photographer, made a very 
liberal arrangement with the Committee, but 
the amount of pictures left on our hands, to- 
gether with the amount in the hands of Com- 
mittees and individuals, caused the Committee 
and Mr. Lilienthal both heavy loss. As it was 
there was added to the general fund, after pay- 
ing expenses, from this source, only, $425. 

Mention should be made of the active co-ope- 
ration extended this Committee by friends and 
Committees at Atlanta, Baltimore. Helena, 
Ark., Greenville, Miss., Selma, Montgomery, 
Monroe, La., Charleston, Louisville and St. 
Louis. We were greatly assisted by the Press 
everywhere. By reference to the list it w 11 be 
seen that the leading papers in several cities 
made themselves the avenue through which 
funds could reach the Committee, and no charge 
was made by New Orleans papers for notices or 
advertisements. Stationery and printing was 
donated by A. W. Hyatt and A. H. Nelson, in 
amount adequate to our wants. Dunn Brothers 
furnished letter files, and T. Fitzwilliam our 
bank box. The expenses of the Committee 
were thus reduced to a minimum. 


Numerous offers were received of books, 
entertainments, musical productions, etc., etc., 
which involved a greater or less expenditure 
of funds all of which had to be declined, the 
committee not feeling authorized to venture 
any of the funds donated in anything of a 
speculative nature. 

Jt only remains for the committee to ap- 
pend, for information of all, a statement made 
up to August 1st, 1885. 

Funds invested in U. S- 4 per cent. Bonds, 
coupons next due October 1st, 1885. The Bonds 
are deposited in Safe Deposit Vault, and as 
coupons mature, the funds arising from same 
are reinvested in the same class of Bonds. 

Eeceipts to July 31st, 1885. 

Donations in cash from various 

sources ..$19,366 50 

From sale Hood Family Pictures 425 00 

Interest on Bonds 4,809 67 

Totnl receipts §24,601 16 

Disbursements to July 31st, 1885. 

Paid for $22,700. XL S. 4 per cent. 

Bonds .....|524,317 25 

Paid for Safe Denosit Vault, 5 years, 

at §5 25 00 

Paid for advertising 10 00 

Paid for telegrams and postage 11 10 

Total disbursements §24,363 35 

On hand 237 81 

$24,601 16 
Average cost of Bonds, 1.07.124. 


Purchased $22,700 

Donated by "Mar- 
garet". 500 

On band. ..$23, 200 worth 123 or $28,536 00 
Cash in State National Bank... 237 81 

Making total values now in hands of 

the committee : $28,773 81 

Donations, including Margaret's 

Bond $19,866 50 

Increase in the fund from interest, 

and market value of Bonds 8,907 31 

$28,773 81 

New OR-Leans, August 1st, 1885. 

W. R. LYMAN, Chairman. 
J. A. CHALARON, Sec'ty.